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Your prospects have moved online

Even before they meet your agents in person, they research options, compare offers, and choose the company based on what they’ve found on the web.

Naturally, your marketing materials have moved online, too, including property brochures, proposals and newsletters. And they should be really good ones to cut through the informational noise and give you a competitive edge.

However, are they?

PDF, a format generally used for publishing brochures online, falls flat when it comes to engaging people. It’s a nuisance to share via email and download on mobile devices, and all the beautiful spreads are cut in half. People almost never find PDFs compelling and rarely come back to them. So, if you are invested in crafting the brochure content, too often all your efforts are in vain.

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Deliver perfect marketing materials

FlippingBook helps you turn any PDF into a professional online document. Whether the agents are on the phone, at the meeting, or need to send materials to the prospective client prior or post talking with them, they can do so easier than ever.

An online brochure works as a link. It means a document of any size and complexity can be sent via email or text message in seconds.

It’s mobile-ready. Agents and prospects can access the document on their smartphone and have a great experience using it.

You can add your branding and design. Match your brochures to your branding style and add a hyperlinked logo to ensure prospects always know how to contact you.

“ We chose FlippingBook because it’s an easy way to quickly share visuals and other information on projects with prospective investors, architecture & design partners, and other interested parties. It’s been very well received and seamlessly easy for everyone to use. ” Teresa Hanson, Brand Strategy, Forum Real Estate Group

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Engage deeper with video content

Whether it’s an update from the construction site or a virtual tour around the property, your prospects will love to watch a video.

FlippingBook lets you add YouTube and Vimeo videos right into your brochures, greatly expanding their engaging potential. Send one link and share all the content that your prospects need to make a right decision.

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Generate more leads with your website and social media FlippingBook lets you use any marketing brochures you have as powerful tools for lead generation. Ɣ Share promo brochures, presentations and guides on social media. Since FlippingBook turns your files into links, you can share them on Facebook and Twitter to get more awareness. Ɣ Embed your marketing materials right into website. You can create a gallery of property brochures or publish educational articles to promote yourself as an expert. Ɣ Generate leads with lead capture form. With FlippingBook, you can put a form on any page of your brochure that asks a prospect for their email. If you’re promoting your content online, it’s a great opportunity to collect more leads.


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Keep control of your content

Fix misspells, update prices and property details in the brochures that have already been published.

With FlippingBook, you can update documents as many times as you need while keeping the original link . So, when a prospect refers to the brochure that you’ve sent them, they will always find the most up-to-date information.


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See what happens after you hit “send” When you send out a PDF, you have no way of knowing whether people are interested. You don’t even know if they view it all. FlippingBook lets you integrate with Google Analytics and track everything that happens with your materials. See views, clicks, and session times to learn how your content performs.


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You are in good company More than 60 real estate agencies trust FlippingBook with their marketing materials.

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